December 11 2023

“10 minutes stop at my boyfriend’s house left me like this,” lady gets netizens laughing

Netizens react as a lady shared how she got pregnant and welcome q baby following her 10 minutes visit to her boyfriend some 9 months ago

Lady gets netizens talking as she details how an impulsive 10-minute visit to her boyfriend some 9 months ago has resulted in pregnancy and then childbearing.

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The curvy pretty lady shared her experience on TikTok, showcasing her transformation from the slim single babe to her pregnancy days and then to the period when she gave birth.

Reactions as a lady gets pregnant from her boyfriend during 10-minute visit

Ofure2023 said: “so ur bf na 10mins guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 … chai”

@user3805511924706 highlighted: “Atleast u hv something to take home,ah nw u can’t just come nd go like that nw my dear”

@MAKANAKI OF TIKTOK✌️🥁🎷❤️ wrote: “this one pass 10 mins😂, my beautiful niece 😩❤️”

@Laula007 said: “10min enjoyment lolz”

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