December 13 2023

A police officer advises a man to kill his own wife

Nigeria police force is facing a great embarrassment after an officer advised a man to reiterate and hit back at his abusive wife and perhaps kill her

Nigerian Police Force is facing hot controversy following advice by one of its men to a husband who is battling abusive wife.

The policeman told the man to reiterate and hit back at his wife as a mean to get even or to contain her violent behaviours.

This was made known by an X user, @Baaboosa1 who called out NPF on the public.

He claimed that a man who reported his wife for domestic abuse was allegedly advised by the police to retaliate by hitting her back.

“Nigerian police are bad at all their jobs. This man gets his wife arrested every time she hits him. Now, the police are advising him to start hitting her back. They didn’t tell him to leave her o, they gave him an advice where one of them is likely ending up dead,” he wrote.

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