December 16 2023

List of ex-Chairmen of Udi and proof of zoning formula

By Dr. Udechukwu.

Go through the list, think objectively and then make form your opinion.

For sometime now, the Udi platforms have been filled with arguments bordering on zoning. I have carefully gone via people’s perceptions on the argument and decided to relate the zoning argument with the history of Udi chairmanship. After going through the list, you will tell yourself if zoning exists or not. Join me let’s go through the list of the chairmen of Udi and their various wards.

  1. Late Igwe Chris Ogakwu (1982) Udi/Agbudu
  2. Hon. Emmanuel Eneh (Chairman) Udi Agbudu
  3. Hon. Nze S.N. Agu Ngwo Uno (1988 – 1990)
  4. Hon. O. C Abalu Udi Agbudu (1996 – 1997)
  5. Hon. Ozo Ramsey Onyia- Ngwo Assa
  6. Engr Amadi obiora julius…1997-98. AFFA/ikono/oghu. (The Zone C some people are clamouring for)
  7. Dr TC Mgbodile Affa Ikono Oghu (Same zone C).
  8. Dr Emma Osita Ngwu (1999 – 2002). Ngwo Uno
  9. Rev. Dr. Oscar Egwuonwu (2002-2002) He served in the capacity of caretaker, Udi South; from Umuabi
  10. Dr Sam Ugwuozor Ukana Awhum (Caretaker, Udi North.
  11. Rev. Dr. Oscar Egwuonwu (2002 – 2005) Umuabi
  12. Hon Engr Nick Ozonsi (2005 – 2007) Ngwo Uno
  13. Hon. Onyia Ignatius Obiora (2007 – 2007); Caretaker, Udi/Agbudu
  14. Hon. Dr Walter Oji, Abor
  15. Hon. Bona Udeh, Eke
  16. Hon Chinedu Iloeje 2012 – 2016, Amokwe
  17. Dr Hyacinth O. Ngwu (2016 – 2018), Umulumgbe
  18. Hon. Sheddy Ozoene, (Caretaker, Udi South) NSUDE
  19. Hon. Nestor Ochin, Ukana/Awhum
  20. Hon. Kene Eze (Caretaker, Udi South), Nachi
  21. Hon. Ifeanyi Agu (Udi South), Umuaga
  22. Hon. Nze Philip Okoh (2022 – till date), Obinagu

Now you have gone through the list you can see that some zones and even some wards have produce 2 or more chairmen for Udi. Nsude has never produced an elected chairman and people are telling me about zoning.

I can understand that many people who write for zoning are not abreast with Udi chairmanship history and I blame them for writing out of ignorance.

Scroll back to the list and tell me if you see anything like zoning there.

Biko let’s allow peace to reign. Ndi Udi can still come together to discuss zoning. I am not against that, but don’t bring what never existed because of your ignorance or selfish interest.

If we produce the history of past contestants, you will still see that most times there have been contestants from both the North and the south at same time. Some people from the North contested against Ifeanyi Agu who is from the south.

Bikonu eziokwu bu ndu. Udi enweghi zoning mana ha ka nwere ike ikpa maka zoning kita.

If there is zoning agreement in Udi local Government Area, any person or group agitating for zoning should tell the people who and who was present during the agreement and the signed documents concerning the zoning agreement.

They should also tell the people any local government election in Udi where both zones did not contest in. There is no zoning in Udi local government area.


  1. WARDS

Udi stakeholders include political parties stakeholders, religious leaders and traditional leaders. Note, it is only when Ndi Udi come together to discuss zoning that such agreement begins to have effect.

Can we now discuss zoning, Ndi Udi?

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