December 20 2023

“I sold 10 human heads only,” woman who sells human parts ends up in police custody

The Ogun State Police Command has paraded an elderly woman who eats and deals on human parts.

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She was arrested alongside her accomplices who included a grave digger, buyer and seller. The arrest was made when police, while unraveling the incessant disappearances in some neighborhoods of the state, plot one of them to pose like buyer of human parts.

The undercover agent has discovered the evidence when the rest swooped in on the human parts sellers.

According to the police, human kidneys, heads, intestines, livers and other parts of body were recovered from the woman – most of them still very fresh.

They also disclosed how they source the parts. One member of the gang, a grave digger, said they get heads by exhuming corpses from graveyards and cutting of the heads for sale. The second grave digger said his job was to dig grave for them to bury anyone they kill; he dug each grave for N3,000.