December 16 2023

Herbalist and a woman arrested for stealing a newborn baby and its placenta

Police has arrested one Mr Akinjise Ifeoluwa, a herbalist, alongside a 66-year-old woman over a missing baby and its placenta.

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The incident happened at Isua community in Akoko South-West Local Government of Ondo State.

According to the Police Relations Officer of the Ondo Police Command, Mrs Funmilayo Odunlami, the stolen baby was grandchild of the old woman. The baby and the placenta went missing after the mother was still unconscious after delivery.

“On the 1st of December 2023, a case of suspected murder was reported at Isua Division that one Oyewale Oluwaseun, who just gave birth, couldn’t give a satisfactory account of her baby’s whereabouts.

“The complainant stated that his sister had been pregnant for nine months and observed that she had delivered, and when asked about the baby, she claimed the baby had died and had been buried with the aid of their mother without informing any family members.

“The police later arrested one in connection with the case. In the course of the investigation, it was discovered that her mother, Oyewole Margaret, entrusted her care to a native doctor named Akinjise Ifeoluwa, who also claimed to be a prophet.”

According to the story the native doctor had told her mother that she (mother of the baby) had slept with another man during her pregnancy. It would be abomination if the baby survived, the prophet told the old woman. She must cover its nostrils and make sure it died.

When the mother of the baby woke up, her mother told her that the baby had died and it and the placenta had been buried.

There was trouble and the grandmother was forced to show the people where she buried the baby and the placenta. There they saw nothing as it was a lie.