December 22 2023

“Don’t listen to Pope Francis” Catholic Bishops tackle Pope on same sex marriage

Catholic Bishops in Nigeria tackle Pope Francis and urge faithfuls not to listen to him and his same sex marriage, condemning as agenda of Lucifer

Catholic Bishops in Nigeria have said they believe Pope Francis is working the agenda of Lucifer when he endorsed same sex marriage for the Church across the world.

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In a joint statement by its President and Secretary, Lucius Ugorji and Donatus Ogun, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), outrightly condemned the Pope’s blessing of same marriage which has been generating a lot of controversies.

They made it clear that Nigeria churches would not respect Pope’s directives, insisting that such teaching is against the teachings of Christ.

“There is, therefore, no possibility of blessing same-sex unions and activities in the church; that will go against God’s law, the teachings of the church, the laws of our nation, and the cultural sensibilities of our people.

“We thank all the priests for their accompaniment of married couples, asking them to continue in all they do to sustain the sacrament of holy matrimony, and never to do anything that will detract from the sacredness of this sacrament,” CBCN’s statement read in part.

This is not the first time Nigeria is uniting against same sex marriage.

Sometimes in 2013, the National Assembly passed anti-gay marriage bill and proceeded to approve 14-year jail term for same sex marriage offenders.

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